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Feel like wrecking some stuff and beating foes? Crash into this wacky adventure where you'll ride the most powerful weapon in the universe... A magic wrecking ball sent by the gods!

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WreckMan: Rise of a Hero is a humoristic adventure game staring the unlikely hero Cornelius W.Pennignton the 3rd , known as “WreckMan” to his friends. A natural born loser, WreckMan, is chosen by the gods to rescue the world from a horrible fate by commanding a giant magical wrecking ball. To his aid comes a powerful warrior, Armin, who will stay with WreckMan throughout his epic quest.

WreckMan passes through canyons, river-banks, army bases and many more places while fighting massive enemies and bosses. To survive, he'll have to ride the giant wrecking ball and unleash its amazing powers.

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